Efficacious Treatments for the Discerned

For more than 25 years, the EdeS brand has offered a wide range of effective treatments to improve skin and body conditions. Different EdeS Swiss Beauty treatments are known to be efficacious in improving skin conditions e.g. rough skin, enlarged pores, oiliness, pimples, dryness, wrinkles, flaked skin, sagging, puffiness, sensitivity, pigmentation etc. to the satisfaction of countless consumers.  The following are some of the popular treatments enjoyed by most of our customers.

“Have been coming here for massages and the therapists are so professional with their different skills and types of treatment. Service is always good. The receptionists are always prepared to welcome you and I really like the EdeS Spa.  Highly recommended!”

Nadhirah Rashid

"I was recommended by a friend and I am impressed with this fabulous Spa. The atmosphere is quiet and treatments are unhurried. My therapist is so knowledgeable and amazing, very careful and gently.  I highly recommend Edes Spa!”

Yi Ling Chong

“Professional consultancy (especially the beauticians), Good results based on their recommendations. Services are great and environment is so comforting and relaxing, I strongly recommend this spa.”

Sally Yan Yan