EdeS Spa ​​(Institut Esthetique de Suisse)

EdeS Spa has been passionate with Wellness Therapy since we first set up the Institut Esthetique de Suisse in Asia at the Entertainment Building in Central, Hong Kong in 1993.  

For a quarter century, we have worked on advancing our ideals in providing holistic treatments, combining skills competency of our therapists with our diverse range of EdeS products for Beauty Treatments, Skincare and Body Therapy, Aromatherapy, Spa and Massage Therapy. EdeS Spas are designed to provide an environment of tranquility for relaxation, stress-relief and to enhance physical and emotional well being.

All EdeS products are formulated in Switzerland and manufactured in Europe (Switzerland, France, and Italy) under EU and GMP standards - the benchmark assurance of quality.

Awards & Affiliations

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